Friday, 20 June 2014

Hospital 911 Now on Sale!

That’s the last thing you heard the Captain say as you led your team out of the SWAT van. That and

“You’re on your own.”

The situation is a “disturbance” in the Emergency Room of a hospital located in a large US city. This isn’t out of the ordinary for a place known on Friday nights, as the Metropolitan Gun & Knife Club.  But this one sounded different.

Hospital security made a 911 call and dispatch had sent out a couple of cruisers, but then it got out of hand. That’s when they called you and your four-man SWAT Team. It wasn’t until after you were inside, that you saw just how different this would be.

Hospital 911 takes you to the first recorded encounter with an infected person in the US. In Hospital 911 you will have a variety of roles from patient, to police officers and much more. Some are good, some are bad, but all must escape the Zeds.

In Hospital 911 you’ll find:

·       Fifteen scenarios from eight points of view.

·       Six unique color floor layouts.

·       A variety of characters to play.

·       New rules for the ever present News Crews.

·       New rules for Firemen and fighting fires.

·       Over forty locations to be explored.

·       Rules and scenarios that can be brought into your normal All Things Zombie games.

The elevator doors open and you see three people stumbling towards you. You immediately feel something’s not right. Are they Zombies or humans; maybe sick patients? You’ve split seconds to make the decision to shoot or not. It’s a matter of life or death, yours or theirs. You pull the trigger…

You hope you didn’t make a mistake.

Welcome to …

Hospital 911

Hospital 911 is a supplement for All Things Zombie. You must have ATZ to play.

Includes six 11x17 color floor plans to game over.

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