Monday, 13 January 2014

Monkey Killers - SA versus BC - Part Three

Part One

Part Two

As the Zhuh-Zhuhs activate first, the last PEF comes into view and is resolved as a squad of Zhuh-Zhuh Armored Assault Infantry. 

The Zhuh-Zhuh Light Mech comes into sight of the Rocket Launchers and an In Sight is rolled. 
The Rocket Launchers score 1 success, the Platoon Leader 1 success and the Light Mech 2 successes.The Mech opens fire, wiping out the two Rocket Launchers, the Platoon Leader slides down the hill towards 3rd Squad.

On the left 1st Squad exchanges fire with the Armored Infantry but to no effect.

Taking charge of 3rd Squad the Platoon Leader sends it over the ridge towards the Mech. At the same time he leads his Fire Team to the flank of the Mech. His plan is to charge the Mech from two sides and plant satchel charges on the legs. The word's given and they charge!

In Sights are taken, the Platoon Leader killed leading a valiant charge and the Fire Team doesn't close. 3rd Squad charges the Mech who sweeps around and guns down two squad members.

3rd Squad charges home, plants the charges and ducks. With a loud bang the Mech topples to the ground. The Armored infantry open fire on 3rd squad then take casualties from 1st Squad. Meanwhile 2nd squad reaches the ridge crest. This will bring two squads to bear on the Armored infantry who...

Open fire, taking out one 2nd Squad soldier. But outnumbered two to one is a losing proposition, they decide to charge!

The melee is bloody, lasting two full rounds with each squad losing two figures. Outclassed, the Star Army soldiers roll very well, going toe to toe with the Monkey Boys.

 After each round of melee each unit takes a Crisis Test. On the second round the Zhuh-Zhuhs roll boxcars! Having reached half-strength this breaks them. As they scurry down the hill that's the last of the Zhuh-Zhuhs. The Star Army moves forward and luckily doesn't generate any new PEFs.

After the Battle we receive:
1 Rep 5 figure as a replacement to bring  1st and 2nd squad to full strength.
3rd squads remains at 5 soldiers.
A new Rep 5 Platoon leader to go with the now 2 man Fire Team.
2 new Rocket Launchers, 1 Rep 4 and 1 Rep 5.

Out of the original 30 figures to start we are down to 26.

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  1. Good stuff, Ed. I understand the rules are scaled for two stands to represent a squad; does that mean multi- figure stands, normally?