Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mechs, Nothing but the Mechs - Battalion Commander AAR

"Orders just came in," the Battalion Colonel said over the headsets." We're moving north to plug a hole. Zhuh-Zhuhs coming in strong. And they're Silver Tips so look alive."  As the Mech moved forward the Colonel hoped for the best but prepared for the worse. 

This is an AAR for 5150 Battalion Commander, the just released sci-fi big battle game. Thirty Mechs on the table. The Star Army battalion was under strength with only two companies instead of three. They had 6 light Mechs, 3 mediums and 3 heavies. Rolling up the Pilots went bad, only 1/4 quarter being veteran (Rep 5) the rest Rep 4. HQ had seen fit to allocate them with some Off Board Support. Only once and to be rolled at random.

The Zhuh-Zhuh had a full, three company, battalion. They were on the attack and rolling for Pilot Rep was insane. Fourteen of the eighteen Mechs were veteran (Rep 5) while the rest were Rep 4. I figured it was a previously rolled for battalion, the Silver Tips. It wasn't their first rodeo having bloodied the hell out of the Hishen the last two times they were in battle. But this was the Star Army.

The Star Army had two significant advantages. The first was better scanning equipment which gave them a +1d6 when rolling In Sights. The second was better weapons. They were one Fire Factor higher across the board than their Zhuh-Zhuh opponents. The only drawback was that the Zhuh-Zhuh weapons could reach out 15" while the SA could only reach 12". It would be important to get into range as fast as possible.

The battle started at 12:30 PM Real Time. There would be note and picture taking but the upside is I've played quite a few games and know the mechanics.

\Last SA Mech blew up at 1:25 PM. Not quite an hour. Interesting results. The SA actually did better than I thought considering the light company died on the first turn. I decided it might be good to retire off the table but when the artillery did great I figured what the heck. In retrospect maybe got too greedy.


  1. Good stuff Ed. I'm liking this system for big battles.

  2. This looks like it will work on one of my bigger tank actions!