Saturday, 11 January 2014

5150 Star Army versus 5150 Battalion Commander - Part Two

Turn One
The Zhuh-Zhuh can't activate but my Star Army can. The Platoon moves forward, the PL onto the high ground as does 3rd squad. 1st and 2nd squad fast move through the jungle to keep up.

Turn Two
Double threes are rolled. This is lower than the Enemy Activity Level so this generates another PEF. Activation  dice are re-rolled.

Turn Three
Zhuh-Zhuh 4 and SA 1. PEFs move first. Orange PEF in section 4 crests the ridge and is resolved as increase Enemy Activity by 1. 
Next PEF, Blue, crests ridge and resolved as 2 units. Rolling for the pre-loaded PEFs I come up with the Free Company Squad and the Zhuh-Zhuh Squads

In Sights are taken.
In SA one set of d6 are rolled for each group taking the In Sight Test and a squad leader d6 is rolled as well. In BC one set of d6 are rolled for the whole squad and only a Platoon leader would give a Leader die. 
Where the big difference lies is in BC both sides take the In Sight Test at the same time. A die with the number of successes scored is placed next to each unit. When a unit acts is has the die removed.

The In Sight results had the Rep 3 PL go first (who'd have thought it), followed  by the Mercs and Zhuh-Zhuh. The PL ran his fire team down the hill exposing the two Rocket Launchers who could ow take the In Sight Test. They did but scored badly so would go last.

Here's another difference. In the newer rules that use the opposed In Sight, like BC does, they shoot in order of higher number of successes scored. In BC when it's your turn you are allowed to take an Action as if active. This could be fire, move, fall back and more.

In SA the In Sight determines who fires first but in BC it's assumed that as soon as the opposing sides come into view firing has started. The In Sight is what the sides choose to do during the firefight. In this case the PL came under fire and slid down the hill, bringing up the Rocket Launchers.

Let's take this time to explain the Reaction Tests in Battalion Commander. We've reduced the Received Fire, Man Down, Recover from Knock Down and Cohesion Tests into one test called a Crisis Test. There are three reasons to take the test.
1 - Take a casualty, even if it's from a failed Crisis Test.
2 - Friendly unit in LOS and 6" is destroyed.
3 - Friendly unit in LOS and 6" leaves the battlefield.

After the PL slides down the hill the Zhuh-Zhuhs and Mercs act. They fire but score zero casualties. Now it's the SA time to act. 3rd squad fires and scores a hit on the Zhuh-Zhuhs.

Here's a big difference. In SA each figure fires with from 1 to 4d6. It's a squad level game where each figure has it's own individual role and personality. In BC we're talking cumulative effect of units firing. Each squad and support weapon fires by rolling 2d6 versus its Fire Factor. How did we arrive at the Fire Factors? It's formulated on the Target Ratings and Impacts of all the weapons in Star Army based on the number of figures firing. So firing is done by rolling 2d6 per squad instead 1 to 4d6 per figure.

Next the Rocket Launchers fire. One hit out of 4d6. Not very good rolling!

 In the above picture the Star Army has a Fire Factor of 2, rolling a 1 and 3 gives 1 dead Zhuh-Zhuh (no stunned or out of the fight like in SA).
The one rocket launcher rolled boxcars and missed completely. The other rolled versus a Fire Factor of 5 and scored 1 hit on the Mercs.

Let's go over another difference found in BC. When firing you roll on the Ranged Combat Table for the target, not the shooter. There are five target types used in Battalion Commander and three Target Tables; Infantry/Unarmored Vehicles, Armored Vehicles and Mechs.

The Zhuh-Zhuh now take the Crisis Test for having a casualty. Each Race has their own Crisis Test but all of them combined can fit on one page. The Zhuh-Zhuh pass 0d6 and take a casualty. This also requires them to re-take the test. They pass 1d6 and carry on.

The Mercs have a different Crisis Test. They pass 1d6 the 1st test and take a casualty. They fail the second  by passing 0d6, another casualty, but pass the third with 2d6 and carry on.

In BC casualties represent obviously dead, out of the fights and runaways. At this level the mechanics have been streamed to get lots of squads on the table. A platoon has 3 squads, a Company 6 total squads (2 Platoons) and a Battalion 18 squads (3 Companies).

The last two PEFs can  now move and both roll badly and remain in place. It's now the Star Army turn to activate. 3rd squad and the rocket launchers fire at the Mercs and Zhuh-Zhuhs. Meanwhile 2nd squad moves to the edge of the jungle triggering an In Sight.

The Zhuh-Zhuhs fire first and scores a hit. After all the firing is resolved the Mercs take another casualty as do the Zhuh-Zhuhs. 2nd squad, the Mercs and the Zhuh-Zhuhs take a Crisis Test.

The Mercs run for it and abandon the ridge. The Zhuh-Zhuh carry on and are now one figure above half-strength. 2nd squad carries on.

1st squad advances to keep up with 2nd squad and got a LOS on the Red PEF. The Red PEF is resolved as a Zhuh-Zhuh Light Mech. That leaves one PEF unresolved.


  1. OK, what about mass vehicle, talking a standard 4 to 5 tank or APC platoon Vs it's opposite number?

  2. Easy to do. Platoons are three per and a company is six but you can reinforce platoons as desired. I'll do a mech bat rep as I'm light on vehicles. You really can get lots of vehicles on the table.