Tuesday, 24 December 2013

5150 Battalion Commander AAR - Mission 1 - Patrol

Decided to start up a Campaign and the first Mission is a Patrol. Simple enough, move across the table to the opposite edge, stay in sections 1, 2 and 3 for one turn of activation, then return and exit the edge I entered on.

My Activity Level is 3 and the Enemy Activity Level is 3 as well. I took a 3 Mech Light Platoon and entered in section 8.

Three PEFs are then generated and placed two in sections 1 and 6 (out of sight and behind a ridge) and one in section 4, (out of sight in the jungle). First turn Hishen can't move so I take the platoon to the top of the ridge. With an Enemy Activity Level of 3 I don't figure there will be much resistance. First PEF (Possible Enemy Force) is resolved as Enemy Activity Level rises by 1 level, now a 4.

Next turn Hishen go first. PEF in the jungle comes out and is resolved as Enemies. Another 2d6 roll and a 3 comes up. Off  Board Support?! That means it's not infantry. 1d6 roll, 6. Mechs! Alright, this should be fun. An other 1d6 roll, 6. Holy crap! A platoon of three Assault Mechs, Rep 5 Platoon leader and two Rep 4.

They take the In Sight but as they are behind my front facing I get automatic zero successes! Crap, maybe I shouldn't have moved so fast coming in.

My turn to act. Shoot or run? Shoot! Two of the mechs twist their torsos and fire. Pop, pop! Hit on their platoon leader. Damage drops it down one class to a heavy. He takes a Crisis Test and passes. Now it's activation. If I go first I'm over the ridge and into cover...

Except they activate first and it got ugly...real ugly. Light Mechs can't stand up to Assault Mech fire and bam, bam...two dead Mechs! Down goes the Platoon Leader and the Rep 5 leaving only the Rep 4 Mech by itself.

 As it's still the Hishen activation the last PEF moves into sight from the jungle. Crap! More reinforcements, this time a Platoon of Hishen Infantry, three squads. 

I activate and run for it, over the ridge and fast move down the valley. If I'm lucky I'll activate first and then sprint back up towards the jungle and use it for cover as I past the Hishen infantry except...

The Hishen activate first, again, for the last time as the Assault Mechs open up and carve up the last remaining SA Mech. Game over.

Well, I learned to take the game a bit more serious as things can turn bad very, very quickly. The odds of running into a platoon of Assault Mechs was less than 2% (1.8). So it doesn't happen much but the thing is, it can and it did.

I also learned that the game can handle a large number of figures and a platoon (3 Mechs) makes for a fast game!

5150 Battalion Commander is at the printers and with the holidays the printer said "Maybe the first week of January." 

Will post more bat reps when time permits.

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