Saturday, 2 November 2013

CVL - Competitive Violence Football League - Basics 001

Here's a quick rundown of how to play the American rules football game, CVL - Competitive Violence League.

The sci-fi version will have 7 players and played on an 80 yard field with a few different rules.


  1. Is this an available commercial product now by another publisher, or one that THW are working on to produce please?

  2. I'm working on rules, the figures are available at Amazon (I had free shipping and went that way) or direct at

    Worth the costm about $28.

  3. I used these for a football variant of DBA. Called it DBFL.

  4. No link. I remember just giving all player positions a DBA equivalent. Like, wide receiver could be light horse and interior linemen maybe blades...then play like dba with each side getting one possesion. I also remembrr having 2"x2" bases and using3" as 1 move increment.

  5. Games feeling great so far - lots of subtle depth yet quick and easy to play.
    Sci-fi version gives me another use for my Dreadball figures and my alien players are based on the races from the Scott Sigler Galactic Football League books :)