Friday, 22 November 2013

ATZ Decks now on sale! For ATZ and more.

Speed up and enhance your THW games with the ATZ Decks.

Check out this Demo

The Risks and Rewards Deck saves you time in your ATZ games by eliminating looking up and rolling on the tables in the book to see what you have run into. This updated deck includes all the Special Creatures found in High Rise to Hell. Vampires, Casters, Werewolves and  more.

The City Deck saves you time and money, allowing you to explore over 50 buildings on a small table without having to buy all that terrain. Great for setting up a fast game where you're on the table in a matter of minutes. With 54 buildings and 167 floors multiplied by 3 Day Parts, there's over 500 possible PEF encounters in one day!

The City Deck can also be used for other THW games with no alteration. Whether it's an Exotic Locale for your Larger Than Life Pulp games or a section of New Hope City for New Beginnings the City Deck is perfect. It's not just for zombie games!


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  1. Awesome stuff Ed. Been looking forward to this for some time!