Sunday, 20 October 2013

Re-Taking the City Part Two - 5150 - Battalion Commander

Alpha 73 is officially in rebellion and the Tolero population classified as rebels. This allows Gaea Prime to deploy the Star Army to assist the Planetary Defense Force assigned there. In the previous  AAR the Rebels were roughly handled due to their bad deployment.  But now the battle will be inside the city and that means we use the Death in the Cities Encounter found in 5150 - Battalion Commander.

What separates Death in the Cities from all other THW Encounters is the introduction of Building PEFs. When a group comes within 8" and LOS of a building, every building, a Building PEF is resolved.

Roll 2d6 versus the current Enemy Activity Level.
Pass 2d6 - Enemy unit.
Pass 1d6 - Nothing.
Pass 0d6 - Nothing.

Here's an example of triggering Building PEFs. These were resolved as enemies, the other buildings along side were resolved as nothing.

Building PEFs are further different that PEFs in that they have a separate enemy list. In 5150 Battalion Commander we use Rocket Launchers, AA launchers, Satchel Charge wielding infantry fire teams, mines and more. Small and deadly enemies that can be hidden in the buildings. Here's an example of the Building PEFs being resolved. Once resolved the units involved take the In Sight Test. In this case the PEFs went first.

When the Star Army acts the Mechs fire at the buildings and cause both enemies to run away. But the damage is done, two dead mechs and infantry casualties.

Normal PEFs are treated normally. In this case the first passes 1d6 and raises the Enemy Activity Level. The second is a Platoon of Rebels. In this campaign I "loaded the PEFs" with figures I had and wanted to use.

The Platoon of Tolero Bird Riders charge and a melee is fought. The SA squad takes heavy casualties but hold. One Bird Squad runs away.

The Star Army mechs open fire on the Bird Riders as do the infantry. Butchered by the fire the remnants of the Bird Riders run away.

On the other side the SA forces move forward. A regular PEF is resolved as a Zhuh-Zhuh Free Company Platoon that draws fire from the mechs. The second squad has a HMG which deals casualties to the leading SA infantry.

Another Building PDF is resolved. A Rocket Launcher, but this time the Star Army units go first on the In Sight and take out the threat.

Another Building PEF is resolved with the same results.

The SA push the advance as there is only one line of buildings left to trigger. The opposing infantry engage in a firefight.

The last Building PEF on this side is another Rocket Launcher. Dead mech.

With the last Building PEF resolved and no regular PEFs remaining the SA have achieved their objective and cleared the table. But this time at a cost of three mechs and about a squad and a half in casualties. 

Lessons learned. Taking a city can be very difficult based on the Enemy Activity Level. This started at 3 but went to 4 and this increased the number of enemies generated by the Building PEFs. Infantry rule in the cities and mechs and vehicles are best used for fire support once the Building PEFs are triggered.

Just a note, the Death in the Cities mechanics can be used with 5150 - Star Army and even NUTS. Just a matter of tailoring the enemies list when resolving the Building PEFs.

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  1. Would 6mm figures work for this as well? Would that alter any ranges, etc...apologies if you've already addressed this, I might've missed it on the forum...