Monday, 30 September 2013

28mm ATZ Kick Starter on the way!

With the success of High Rise to Hell the circle of horror is complete. HRtH brings vampires, werewolves, smart zombies and more horror characters into the ATZ world.

We're doing figures that will work with any set of horror rules as well as some sci fi settings like 5150 New Beginnnings.

If we fund there's plans to expand the game to Demons, Witches, Ghouls and more horror themed figures. Take a look!


  1. This is great! The models look fantastic. Is Machinas coming soon as well?

  2. Waiting for the cars to be finished. 15mm cards and maybe a line of minis as well.

  3. Replies
    1. All right, glad to see you back at it!

  4. You hit my scale! Count me in!

  5. Count me in for this also! Fine looking minis.

  6. Just so everyone knows there are not the heroic 28mm with over proportioned figures. These are true proportions and range from 25 mm when crouching to 30 mm to top of head.
    I want to produce a large line all in the consistent scale as well.

  7. Just launched!