Saturday, 20 July 2013

5150 New Beginnings meets Friday Night Fights

The inhabitants of New Hope City want to be entertained. That entertainment takes many forms and one of the most popular, legal, forms is boxing. Based on the boxing found on 20th century Earth, opponents face off in a small square ring and fight. Not unique in itself, the twist is all blows can only be delivered above the waist and to the front of the opponent. No kicks, flips, or throws, this sport levels the playing field, so to speak.  As there are no discriminating weight or gender restrictions,  boxing attracts a wide variety of participants, even Aliens.

A good source of revenue for the city (taxes) and its employees (managers, fighters, etc.) the local government encourages and regulates these best as they can. Betting is legal at the site of the fight and numerous government online betting parlors do a thriving business. It's a lucrative business that provides entertainment for the hard working citizens of NHC. Here's the story of one such match.
“Are you sure?” Raz asked as he finished taping up Xarzen’s hands. Looking at the clock he continued. “Ten minutes.”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Xarzen replied. Fighting Basics was one thing but Aliens? That was totally different. They  had an unfair advantage with their genetic makeup. “It’s in my jacket pocket.”

Raz walked over to the locker and reached for the small package inside the pocket. Pulling it out he walked over to where Raz sat.

“Look, you’re a grown man and I’m not good at lectures, but I am your manager. Once you go down this road you can’t go back,” Raz said as he opened the packet and drew out the injector.

Xarzen smiled and nodded. “Raz, we go way back. Thanks, but I've decided to do it and I’m good with it,” Xarzen replied. “I appreciate you looking out for me and everything.”

Raz had a quizzical look, half-smile, as he shook his head. “Nah kid, you got me all wrong. What I meant was, once you start using Stims, you better have a reliable source for more. Now give me your arm.”


Xarzen could feel the Stims kicking in. They didn't call it Spike for nothing. The bio-screen glided over his body and the Bio-Tech nodded his acceptance. The New Hope City Boxing Commission required a bio-screen ten minutes before a bout and ten minutes after. The one before was to get all the info on any Stims, Loops and Enhancements, used by a fighter, into the hands of the bettors, so the odds could be adjusted accordingly.  The one after the bout was for verification so the bout could be certified and all bets paid.

As the lights went down over the crowd Xarzen slipped off his robe. The Razor was already waiting in the center of the ring. As the referee went over the customary spiel the Razor just smiled, ground her teeth, and said, “I have 5,000 says you don’t last a round, Basic.”

Xarzen didn't reply. They touched gloves, separated and the bell sounded, signaling the start of the round, the first of a scheduled three.

This was a match fought using a blend of an updated Friday Night Fights and 5150 New Beginnings. Basically the Attributes found in FNF, NB and even Red Sand Black Moon were blended together to fit the FNF fighting system. Aliens were added to the mix as was a way to generate fights and betting, both legal and illegal.  The rules for Stims, Loops, and Enhancements from New Beginnings were tweaked to fit. So if your character in New Beginnings has Enhancements, etc. they convert over into the ring when boxing with the updated Friday Night Fights.

Each fighter has 5 basic stats. Boxing, Quickness, Aggression, Power and Stamina. You build your  fighter with these stats then add Attributes to round him out. If you need an edge you can choose to use Stimulants, run computer Loops that emulate Attributes, or make physical Enhancements to your body. All together there are over 40 modifiers you can add to your fighter to make it truly unique.

All this ties in seamlessly with New Beginnings and the way to generate fights and betting can lead to new Encounters, such as when someone refuses to pay their bets. Right now we're smoothing out the mechanics but look for this, to add to you 5150 New Beginnings games, in a month or two. At the same time we'll release the updated Friday Night Fights, perfect for realistic boxing as well as to add to your Pulp, Colonial and similar games.

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