Friday, 28 June 2013

April 1600 - Step by Step Part 7 - And a Bottle of Rum!

Fresh from his sacking of a Spanish Settlement Captain Billy Pink heads north to the French Settlement in Area 5. Negotiations have been made for the release of the French Government official and the exchange is made. Billy receives 6,000 GP and the official is released. This is the only Encounter for the month.
Billy's Fame rises 6 points to 11 for ransoming the official.
It goes down 3 points to 8 for not taking a prize. It's tough being a pirate it appears.
It goes down 1 point to 7 for not dividing the plunder this month.

Loyalty goes up 1 for ransoming a prisoner but down 1 for not taking a prize, so remains at 5. The Loyalty Test is taken and morale is high.

May 1600

It's May and Billy decides to divide the plunder. Billy's Revenge and the Eagle land in the English Settlement of Port Royal. Billy has decided to divide the plunder.

Billy leaves Billy Revenge in small boats with a small handful of crew members and heads towards the docks.

Once there he starts a Trading Encounter. As he is in a Settlement of his own nationality he doesn't need a Carousing Encounter to find a trader. 
Rolling on the Trading Table he sees that he can get 30 GP per ton of cargo. But he now must roll on the Market Fluctuation Table and scores a result of 25% more for the cargo. It seems the Spanish have been blockading the port from time to time and cargo is scarce. Good for Billy! Billy makes 1,575 GP for the cargo. He adds this to the 17,000 GP for a grand total of 18,575 GP to be split.
Billy chooses to keep both ships. He has to calculate the value of the Eagle as it is part of the plunder. It is worth only 460 GP as the Spanish blockade has reduced the number of men willing to go to sea.
Grand total is 19,035, Billy gets half, 9,518 GP and buys back the Eagle at 460 GP.

Billy retains and recruits a full complement of crew for both ships including specialists. This costs him 62 GP to keep them around for the month. Billy also pays 120 GP to outfit the Billy's Revenge with 4 more guns bringing it to 9.

Net, net, Billy has 8,934 GP for his Personal Wealth plus the Billy's Revenge and the Eagle.

Time to go Carousing and a new Mechanic

Here's a quick example of a new mechanic I use when at settlements. PEFs are handled normally and placed on the table normally. What I then do is place random NPCs on the table, in the settlement, in addition to the PEFs. I roll 1d6 and multiply the result by the SAL for the number of NPCs placed.

I resolve PEFs normally but here's how I handle the random NPCs. If I want I can move into contact with them and interact with them. But because it's a "cold turkey", unscripted Defining Moment (page 51), I have my character take a  Challenge to interact, always counting a -1 for very difficult challenge when they first meet. After that, if successful, the Challenges and interactions are resolved normally.

So in this case Billy runs into a female NPC and decides to strike up a conversation.
Pass 2d6 and the person Neutral and the conversation can begin.
Pass 0d6 and the NPC goes away.
After that it's important to figure out the success and failure of future Challenges before taking them (page 28).

He starts with a Rep of 5 but reduces it to 4. He rolls 2d6 and passes both. So he can now take future Challenges in the normal manner.

He asks her name and if she would like to accompany him to the tavern for a drink. As it's Daytime I consider it to be a very difficult challenge so again 4 is the Target Number. Billy passes 2d6 and Abigail agrees to accompany Billy.

Next post we will deal with Billy in the tavern.


  1. Very nice! Great pics, love the pirate boat!

  2. Got both at Hobby Lobby, the wife did the mods to get them flush on the base and painted. Both for $30 as they were running their 50% off wooden items special.