Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Roof Running! 3 from 2 Play Test for Swordplay

This is a play test for the first 3 from 2 Module for Swordplay. Inspired by the adventures of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. In Swords Against Death there's a story where the two escape by running over roof tops and I wanted to design a easy to use game to recreate this. So this is  a play test for Roof Running! a 3 from 2 Module for Swordplay.

The race will be over nine roofs varying in height from 4 floors to 1 floor. Eight racers, Haldor and Wurm, both Rep 5, and six "landers" Rep 4 led by Baldwin the captain.
The triangles define the difficulty of the roof. Red is peaked, yellow crested and green flat, the easiest one to run over.

There are four tables used to run roofs. The first is Leaping Down, used when going from a higher to lower level. All tests are taken versus Rep with appropriate modifiers.

 Leaping Down can cause damage for failure ranging from stunned to death.

There's a Jumping Alley table used for, well, jumping alleys. Death is a very common occurrence for failure. 

Then there's the Running Roofs table used when running from one roof to the next, all on the same level.

 The last table is for climbing up to a higher level. The price of failure is not being able to get up to the next level but at least you won't get hurt.

This play test was only to test the tables and the flow of the game for moving. Combat, both melee and ranged, would be tested later.

 The game played well and yielded plausible results. I want to add a bit of strategy to it so will try the next few tests with Bonus Dice as used in Red Sand Blue Sky.

 Overall a successful play test and the many changes from the original makes for a better game. Roof Running will prove to be a fun diversion to normal Encounters.
Watch for Roof Running later next week.


  1. Love this - could also make for great "arena style" games in some towns - they don't fight in the arena they run over roofs and fight as they do it.

    Oooh - campaign rules for roof runners...

  2. Good thing I have $3 burning a hole in my pocket. I may have to do a table top version of Assassin's Creed.