Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jewel of Murinae Part 2

Part One

Once the Giant Mutated Rat and the three thieves fought to a standstill. more Ratmen were added to the pursuit. This time they were generated in section 5 and there was six of them!

The melee continues as the thieves activate first. The first thief gets a +2d6 for the Rat being Evenly Matched with two opponents. It doesn't help as he goes down Out of the Fight. The other thief attacks and stuns the Rat as the third goes in for the kill!

With a rush the six Ratmen burst into the chamber. Both parties glare at each other, the In Sight Test is taken and the thieves charge in to melee!

The two Ratmen that are attacked fight hard and the thieves are Evenly Matched, not what I had hoped.

The Ratmen begin to surround the thieves, the Star kills one but again is Evenly Matched! Down goes the other thief and the Ratmen swarm.
Star Power is used but isn't enough as the remaining thief goes down under multiple attackers. The choice is use Cheating Death to escape but drop one Rep. I decide to let him get captured. Guess it's time for an Escape module!

Fun and quick game lasting about 30 minutes including pictures and notes. I like the idea of mapping the movement and only bringing out figures an terrain when contact occurs. Not something I'd do when putting on a convention game but great for gaming at home. 

I played the game using existing Swordplay rules and still enjoyed them although I found myself referring to Warrior Heroes - Legends rules and will be using them in my fantasy games. Overall a fun time and great for generating stories for more adventures. Like...
The Ratmen grunted as they threw the Star thief onto the floor in front of the Wizard.
"Where's our Talos?" one asked.
The Wizard tossed the two Ratmen a pouch and they smiled. "How much for the other two? " the Ratman continued. "They're still alive...I think."
"The deal was only for this one, the others are of no use to me," the Wizard said. "Now go before he wakes up."
The Ratmen left smiling at the thought of the tender stew that awaited them back at the temple.
After they had left the thief regained consciousness and sat up with a start. "What!?"
The Wizard smiled. "Well glad to see you're alive, that's more than can be said for those idiots you took with you."
"How did I get here?"
"It's doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is you owe me your life and I have another job for you. Get some rest, we'll talk later." 

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  1. Very cool. I'm liking the idea of power point as a VTT more and more.