Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Jewel of Murinae AAR

It seemed to be a good idea last night at the Boar’s Breath Tavern. As you watched the serving wench pocket your last Gold Talos you realized you were broke…again. That’s when you remembered the Wizard who had offered you a job when you first got into town.

“Nothing difficult, mind you,” the Wizard had said. “Just enter this decrepit temple over off Larkspur and lift this jewel from a statue. Not even sure if it’s open any more. I mean, worshiping the God of Frugality isn’t exactly popular.”

Lucky for you the Wizard still needed the job done. So gathering a couple of “acquaintances” the three of you broke into the temple.

And that’s how you found yourself running over the roof tops in the dark, dodging sling shots and being chased by screaming Ratmen.
Jewel of the Murinae (JoM) is a 3 from 2 Module for Swordplay that can be used with Warrior Heroes - Armies and Adventures and Warrior Heroes - Legends as well.  It’s a variant on the Raid: Attack Encounter found on page 29 of Swordplay. You are a thief that must break into a deserted temple, steal a jewel from a statue and give it to a Wizard that has hired you. This will work out well with your plans as you are broke and ready to leave town anyway.
This is an AAR for the Jewel of Murinae.  

Being inventive (lazy) I decided to play the Encounter prior to contact on my computer using Power Point.
Black triangles are Possible Enemy Forces (PEF).
Three colored circles are the thieves.
Blue - Star Rep 5 AC 4 
Red - Grunt Rep 4 AC 2
Green - Grunt Rep 4 AC 4
The three thieves entered the Temple in section A. 
PEFs were in sections 6 and 5.
The Enemy Activity Level was low, 2.

Here's the set up.

On the first turn of activation the thieves move into section 1 while the PEFS move towards the next lower adjacent section based on their Activation score. This is a new mechanic useable with all THW games and featured in some of the $3 Modules.

The next turn one PEF enters section 1 and is resolved as nothing but nerves.
The second PEF enters section 1 and is resolved as +1 to the EAL.
The last PEF moves into section 3.
The thieves now activate and move into section 2.
No alarms are sounded.

Next turn the thieves activate first and move into section 3. The last PEF raises the EAL one more level to 4.
No alarm has been sounded...yet.

The next run of activation luck is still with the thieves. They move into section 4 and no alarms are sounded.

Suddenly on the next activation the alarm is sounded and 5 Ratmen appear in section 2. The thieves press on and enter section 5.

Once the alarm is sounded 3+1/2d6 Ratmen are generated and added to the pursuit. The next batch starts in section 6, four Ratmen. All head towards the thieves who  now have entered the section where the target is. The statue of Murinae and the jewel in its crown.

The three thieves reach the statue and are confronted by a Giant Mutated Rat.

In Sights are taken and the three thieves attack the Giant Rat.

After a round of melee ALL three thieves are Evenly Matched with their giant opponent.

Part Two

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