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Step by Step - WHL Part 3

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Just to recap this is a Wandering Encounter with the Star being Angus a Feral Vampire. Angus and his companion Eveleen came across a Mirholme Healer who was on the way to a village. They quickly dispatched him when a party of Goblins (PEF # 2) , who were tracking the Healer. This resulted in a bloody slaughter, the Goblins not having the courage or Rep to oppose the two Vampires. But the last PEF (#3) would prove to be a bit different as it was a Rep 6 AC 4 Mirholme Princess.

Bren was furious. The Healer had sold her a Healing Potion and it was worthless. She figured that she wasn't the only one who had been swindled as his neighbors said that the Healer had left in a hurry. She wanted her gold back and a bit of revenge as well.

But things changed when she picked up the trail of four others appearing to be following him as well. It wouldn't matter, some one was going to pay. That's when she heard the screams...

The PEF activated and was resolved as Bren. Angus and Eveleen passed the In Sight. All three figures took the In Sight and Bren charged ahead.

Bren attacked Eveleen first. Bren was subject to Fear of the Vampires so would count 1d6 less but it didn't matter.  Bren scored 3 more successes than Eveleen which was reduced by 1 due to the natural toughness of the Vampire.

But Bren has the Swordsman Attribute so can roll twice for damage. Eveleen fell down Out of the Fight.

Activation Dice are now rolled and Bren goes first with Angus rolling higher than his Rep of 4. No Charge into Melee test needed to be taken as this was a continuous melee between the two same groups. Bren went to the attack and...

And scored two successes more. Once she had damaged a Vampire, Eveleen, she lost her Fear of them. Bren rolled for damage, twice...

And scored an Obviously Dead. But Angus as a Feral Vampire has the Hard as Nails Attribute that turned the OD result into a knock down and recover From Knock Down Test.

Rolling 2d6 on the test Angus becomes Stunned instead.

But Angus is a Star (remember in WHL you can play any character or race) so rolls Star Power. He scores two successes and stays on his feet, Carrying On.

Bren ctivates first and goes to the attack. Angus is no match for Bren as she scores four more successes.

Bren cuts down Angus with a Obviously Dead result. The Hard as Nails Attribute only works once per Encounter. Star Power is rolled and the OD is changed to OOF.

Unable to move Angus is at the mercy of the Mirholme Princess. She walks over to him when activate finishes him off.

Angus is dead but being a Star he can Cheat Death. he does and is whisked away but at a loss of 1 to his Rep. Angus is now a Rep Feral Vampire, lower than a fledgling and doomed to wander alone until he can raise his Rep.

So now I switch to Bren. The Encounter with the Feral Vampires counts as her first PEF. Two  more to go. This has now become a wandering Encounter for the Princess. She decides to seek out the Dungeon rumored to be nearby.

Look for Part Four next week.

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  1. Poor vampires, she cut through them like a hot chainsaw through warm butter.