Monday, 26 November 2012

Step - by Step - WHL - Dungeon!

Bren moved past the downed knights and into the clearing. There was a small stone ruin with what appeared to be stairs leading downward. Drawing her sword she started inside.

 Dungeons are treated in WHL in a bit of a different way than in WHAA. I'll post a detailed Dungeon adventure at another time. For now just know that it's card driven, easy to play and takes little setting up.

As Bren moved deeper into the Dungeon she was confronted by another Feral Vampire. He attacked first..

 But he's no match for the Warrior Princess. Going down Stunned then Obviously Dead.

 As Bren moves along a trap is triggered! Lucky for her quick reflexes save her from being hit.

Which card you draw provides a variety of possibilities. Draw a black 2 - 10 and you run into a PEF. Pass 2d6 with doubles and trigger a trap.

 Bren smelled the Troll before she saw him. As he got closer the Princess shouted her battle cry and charged.

Boom! Down she went!
The Troll has the Massive Attribute, just one of eight Attributes that makes it unique. Bren lost the melee with a Stunned result but as a  Star she had Star Power. Looking at the picture we see she scored three successes so reduced damage to Carry On. The two sixes meant she lost those Star Power dice.

 Bren Stuns the Troll sending him backwards. With a shake of his head the Troll moves forward.

 Bren won the next round of melee by 1 success and scored a Stunned result. But the Troll had the Stout Attribute and was able to shake off the effects of the Stun. The battle continued.

 Bam! Bam! Bam! The Troll  rained heavy blows onto the shield of Bren who tried to fight back. But one blow got through and sent the Princess down.

In retrospect I should have tried to flee in stead of going tot to toe with the Rep 6 Troll. Like they say, pride goes before a fall and fall she did. Losing the melee with an Out of the Fight result Bren rolled her three remaining Star Power dice. Zippo! No successes, Bren was Out of the Fight and at the mercy of the Troll. Okay, so no pride here.
Bren used the Cheating Death rule so escaped but at the cost of a reduction in Rep by one level and losing all her Items that she had. At least she was alive and hopefully a bit smarter.

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